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Frequently Asked Questions 

Find the answers to commonly asked questions about tax debt, warning notices, directors penalty notices or any of our services, and tips on keeping your business going.

If you can’t find the answer to your question, or have a specific question or comment please contact us. We are more than happy to help

Do you help my type of business?

TDSA can help most businesses, regardless of size or turnover, the amount and complexity of the tax debt, the state of the business records, the geographical location of the business or the industry. We have yet to encounter a business tax problem that we can’t help resolve in some way.

Do you help individuals who need tax debt solutions?

TDSA offers tax debt help, including tax debt loans, to individuals as well as businesses. If you have a tax bill that you are not sure how to deal with or have difficulty in paying, please call us and we will do our best to help you.


Why shouldn’t I go to my accountant ?

If your accountant can help you, that’s probably who you should turn to first. However, many accountants are time-poor and don’t have the specialist skills or the resources to deal with tax debt problems, create payment plans or negotiate with the ATO/OSR on your behalf. If your accountant can’t help you, you can ask them to refer you to TDSA, or you can contact us directly.


How much will it cost?

There is no charge for the initial consultation and you are under no obligation to continue with us after that. If you choose to proceed, we will be upfront and open with you about the cost of resolving your tax problem. Our prices are fair and affordable to businesses of all sizes and we will not charge you any fees that we are not entitled.

Why shouldn’t I go to the ATO or OSR directly?

It is important that contact is made with the ATO or OSR as soon as possible. If you don’t have an accountant who can help you and you do not wish to use our services, you should contact the ATO/OSR directly. However, you should not expect to be able to talk your way out of your tax problem, especially if you have neglected dealing with it for some time. A tax debt is complex both legally and financially and the ATO or OSR take it very seriously. Self-representing may not necessarily achieve the best result. You will need to be able to negotiate on the key points, provide the right financial statements, and to be able to construct a payment plan that is both acceptable to the ATO or OSR and realistic for your business. Having TDSA– an independent, professional organisation – advocating on your behalf is likely to add weight to your case and will provide the ATO or OSR with increased confidence that your tax debt will be resolved and your tax and compliance obligations will be met in the future.

What is the difference between TDSA and my accountant?

We worked at the ATO as tax debt officers and have developed insights and an intimate understanding of the ATO culture and direction.

We specialise in tax debt negotiation and therefore we have an understanding that most accountants do not have the time to develop due to the various task’s accountants undertake.

A great analogy that we believe captures the true essence of the point of difference between us and accountants – If you need your kitchen built and want a great job, do you call a handyman or a carpenter?

We are not accountants nor are we tax agents, so we encourage you to continue to have a good relationship with your tax agent/accountant an integral part of your business.

Will involving TDSA trigger further action from the ATO?

Absolutely not! Quite the contrary, engaging TDSA demonstrates to the ATO that you have shown commitment to addressing your debt and re-engaging in the taxation system.


Will TDSA be able to help me?

We always help! Take advantage of our free assessment and consultation by contacting us TODAY!