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Case Scenarios

2020 Reset

  • Mark has an Income Tax debt of $100,000 brought on by the mismanagement of cashflow. He had no other significant debts.
  • Mark has 2 businesses that were severely impacted by Covid-19. He has one at the MCG and another heavily reliant on international students.  Both were unable to trade due to Government restrictions.
  • Mark’s only form of income became Jobkeeper.
  • Mark rents an apartment and his only asset is a modest car.


  • During my negotiations with the ATO, I recalled during my days at the ATO that we could non-pursuit and write off a debt if we believed it was uneconomical to pursue. I discussed this with the ATO officer and after investigating the probability of recovering the debt, the ATO officer advised that a written application would be considered.
  • Just to be clear, this is not a release from debt and the debt may be re-raised if Mark lodges a future tax return that results in a credit or a debt that he doesn’t pay.  Essentially, the ATO are free to re-raise this debt if they believe Mark’s circumstances have changed and it is now economical to pursue.


  • Mark opened up about some personal matters and it’s because of his willingness to open up that we were able to create a strong application.
  • Once the ATO considered the application, the ATO agreed to write off Mark’s entire Income Tax debt.
  • Mark is aware it is not a release and it can be re-raised but nonetheless, he was very pleased with the result. He felt relieve that he no longer had to worry about how he was ever going to get himself out of his ATO debt, thrilled to have avoided bankruptcy and very appreciative that he was able to reset his life in 2020.


Testimonial from Mark

“When I was referred to Josie, I really didn’t think there was much she would be able to do for me. I was responsible for the position I found myself in with the ATO and I felt foolish explaining to her how a man of my age had got himself into the position I found myself.

Although she did not sugar coat our first conversation as she continued to reinforce the seriousness of my situation, I came away feeling she was “all in” with me and regardless of the outcome she was in my corner.

Over the journey of her negotiations with the ATO she remained in constant contact with me and was completely open and honest with how she envisaged the process would unfold. Throughout this negotiation period with the ATO I was able to remain calm knowing I had the best person representing me.

At the conclusion of this process Josie was able to negotiate the best possible outcome for me and I am eternally grateful.

I would recommend Josie Gangemi to anyone who finds themselves in conflict with the ATO not because of the outcome she managed but because of the open, honest and human way she treated me when I couldn’t see a light at the end of the tunnel.”

Sincerely MT.