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ATO Debt Recovery Notices 


Garnishee Notice

The ATO can issue multiple garnishee notices to a person, bank or other businesses that holds monies for you or may hold monies for you in the future.  This notice directs the recipient to pay a portion of monies to the ATO which is applied to offset your tax debt.


Directors Penalty Notice

Directors can incur penalties equal to their company’s unpaid PAYG withholding liabilities or superannuation guarantee charge.  This notice allows the ATO to commence legal proceedings against the directors personally. 


Statutory Demand Notice

The ATO can issue a Statutory Demand notice for payment, to a company that has tax debts.  If a company doesn’t comply with the statutory demand,  the ATO may use the non-payment as evidence that the company is insolvent and apply to the Federal Court to wind up the company.



Warning Letter

The ATO can issue a “warning letter” for a  tax debt which will state that further action will be taken by the ATO if the debt remains unpaid.  Further action usually takes place within the proceeding month.



The ATO may file a claim or summons with the relevant court of your state or territory. The ATO may execute on the judgment debt in a number of ways including by filing and serving a bankruptcy notice.